Kety Fusco has taken the international avant-garde scene by storm, and under Caterina Caselli’s Sugar Music label she released her first album DAZED in 2020 (with Universal distribution and production by Swiss Music Grand Prize nominee Aris Bassetti), thanks to which she was nominated for three categories at the last Swiss Live Talents Awards (CH) and played her compositions in the Federal Parliament hall in Bern. Kety’s music is a mix of perseverance and passion, electronic music to dance to on the one hand and organic research applied to experimentation and contemporary music on the other. Fusco also opened the Locarno Film Festival with an original transcription of the Swiss anthem and the Vision Du Reel film festival in Nyon. In the midst of the global pandemic, despite the interruption of live music, Fusco was then called upon to perform a transcription by Ennio Morricone for the Heroes festival, performing at the Arena di Verona, and again on the roof of the Ospedale Civico in Lugano, Kety played her pieces as a thank-you to the City in representation of the work carried out during the pandemic by the social and health workers. We also remember her collaborations, over the years, with inspiring musicians such as Clap! Clap!, Lubomyr Melnyk and the band Peter Kernel. Kety Fusco reached one of the most important milestones of her career in 2021, when she was invited by the United Nations to the SDG Global Festival of Action, virtually sharing the stage with Patti Smith and Ben Harper. Kety has played over 150 concerts in Europe in just 2 years, and will be playing at the 2022 Paleo Festival sharing the stage with pop music greats including Stromae. Currently Kety Fusco is continuing her sound research, she has published a Horror soundtrack made only with the sounds of Harp that she has collected in a personal digital database, she is also making a soundtrack for Swiss TV and finishing her new album THE HARP by Kety Fusco Pt1 that will be released by the international label Floating Notes Records: exploiting the materials of which a classical harp is made (wood, metal and gut), Kety Fusco produces sounds and settings that suggest its deconstruction, manipulates its sound with electronic pedals, scratches and destroys the bow on the low strings of the harp, screams inside the sound box. The album, which saw the precious collaboration of maestro and sound engineer Alessio Sabella, Aris Bassetti and Italian musician IOSONOUNCANE, will be released in the summer and will have its world premiere at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival 2022.